What are the different types of gum disease?


Any type of gum diseases is extremely inconvenient for the sake of a proper dental hygiene. Well, in that case, a proper treatment plan is very much necessary to understand and check the growth of the concerned disease, and in addition to that, it is also very important to find a proper way to deal with it. So, the main keyword that is essential in this segment is to find the type of gum disease that one is dealing with, and proceed in the similar fashion with every precaution.

So, it is very important to know about the different types of gum diseases. What these? Let’s find out. In this article, out of many gum diseases, only two will be discussed in details as these two are most occurring ones in people.



The first of the two gum diseases that will be discussed here is gingivitis. What is this gingivitis? Well, it is nothing but the inflammation of the gums that might seem troublesome. It has no definite age as to when it begins, but it has been seen in quite a few of the teenagers as well. It is generally characterized by the development of swollen gums, as well as puffy red cheeks.

In order to develop an effective dental cure for this gingivitis, it is very important that one establishes proper oral care when it comes to treatment. The easiest way to treat this kind of a gum disease is to remove the plaque from the teeth, which adversely affects the gums and makes them swollen. Gingivitis may often lead to more serious kinds of gum diseases, and so it is very important to treat it.


The second of the lot is known as Periodontitis. What is it? Well, it is nothing but the receding of gums from the teeth. It is basically a more severe form of gingivitis, and it generally happens when that disease has been elevated from its normal scale. One could very lose teeth if this disease goes untreated.

Having said that, the key to a good oral health is cleanliness. One should always remember that.