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What are the causes of periodontal disease?

It is very well understood that what a periodontal disease is. In this article, the very causes of this disease will be discussed in very minute details, and the following solutions will be clearly discussed as well. So, for the purpose of easy understanding, the causes are quite recurring. So, let’s find out about these plausible causes that are basically responsible for the decay of gums, and the apparent happening of this disease.

Common causes

The most common cause that can be seen very vividly is diabetes. You must very well know what diabetes is. For those who do not know, diabetes is a disease in which the blood sugar levels get altered. It is mainly caused due to the lack of insulin production in the body, or due to inability of the person concerned’s body to use the insulin that has been produced. It has been proven by plausible facts that diabetes is very much responsible for the occurring of this gum disease. This is due to the fact that infections are quite common for diabetic patients, and so this gum infection is also caused by it.

Other common causes of this kind of disease include the use of medications like anti-depressants, or other kinds like oral contraceptives. Sometimes some of the heart medications also cause the likes of this kind of a disease. Sometimes the whole situation of teeth grinding is just a psychological tendency that is generally exhibited when the person concerned is suffering from anxiety or depression. This is the psychological aspect of this disease.

Other causes

In addition to that above mentioned causes, there are also other less apparent causes that also cause this kind of a gum disease. What are these causes? Well, these causes include the likes of poor nutrition as well as heart diseases. Sometimes due to the low nutrient content of the diet, the person may suffer from this kind of a disease. This is primarily because the immune system gets weakened due to the absent of important nutrients.

Bruxism is also an important cause that can be found in people. Teeth grinding often causes the receding of gums.

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